I retired in March 2009 after spending over 35 years in various management positions in Information Technology. Although I always found time to travel and for photography, now that I've retired I've been fortunate to be able to do a bit more of both. I've traveled extensively throughout the lower 48, but my adopted second home is Alaska. I've been traveling up there twice a year since 1992, managing to take one winter plus either a summer or fall trip each year. It is truly a spectacular place and for anyone enjoying outdoor scenery and wildlife photography, it's impossible to beat.   Since retirement in 2009 however, I've really been focusing on international travel and have been to South America, Europe, Asia, South Africa, and New Zealand.  So please check out these photos.    

In 2009 I converted to the digital world and bought a Canon 5D Mark II, shooting primarily with two Canon lenses - a 24mm-105mm L-IS and a 100mm-400mm L-IS.  Prior to my trip to S. Africa in Aug. 2015, I bought the newly released Canon 5DSR, and have been very pleased with the results. 

I hope you enjoy viewing the pictures on this site.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by and take a look.  Please feel free to drop me a line with any comments you may have or you can comment on this site.     My email address is:  


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